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khusru 06-11-2004 05:16 AM

Headac3he not working
headache is not working proerly, i downloaded the files from dark.av

Headache is failing to load properly, i checked the log and nothing has loaded (vorbis, MP2enc etc) even though i extracted all the files in the same directory. i thought it could be that iv downloaded the wrong files.... so what i did was i downloaded them all and still no luck.i know someone else has had this problem as iv read it before but cant find the post. so please help me

incredible 06-11-2004 08:07 AM

Did you download the correct dlls. according to the CPU Type u got ??

khusru 06-11-2004 08:14 AM

yep, i did that, i have an Athlon XP. so i downloaded the correct files according to this, it didnt work. so what i didthen is i tried them all for all the different processors.... it still didnt work.

wht do i do?

do u think there may be some errors on the files themselves? i donloaded from the actual site

incredible 06-11-2004 09:49 AM

post the log (copy & paste)

khusru 06-11-2004 09:59 AM

HeadAC3he v0.23a by Dark Avenger 12.07.2002

Loading azid.dll 1.8 build 825...succeeded
Loading ssrc.dll...failed
Loading lame_enc.dll...failed
Loading vorbis.dll...failed
Loading MP2enc.dll...failed
Loading MPAlib.dll...failed
Parsing INI-file...done

dumb mode: uses absolutely no temp space
float mode: (much) faster, but uses destfile
as temp space on first pass

Choose appropriate target
and press Options 2 times for configuration.

If you experience instant crashes, try the MMX dlls.

Dialhot 06-11-2004 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by khusru
If you experience instant crashes, try the MMX dlls.


khusru 06-11-2004 03:28 PM

Phil iv tried them all... the MMX old pentium, Athlon XP PENTIUM 3, pentium 4. What can i do? i really do think there is a problem with the downloads from the site

incredible 06-11-2004 03:41 PM

Post a listing of your Headac3he folder using the directory listing command via DOS Console. So we can see what your HeadAC3he folder actually contains

khusru 06-11-2004 04:53 PM

not sure how to do the dos command listing, but iv done a list of all the files below. everytime i open headac3he it shows this error

'The application failed to start because libmmd.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this program'

list of files in my headac3he directory:


incredible 06-11-2004 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by khusru
'The application failed to start because libmmd.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this program'

You didnt mentioned it before! So where's that libmmd.dll ????

If NOT provide with the application then search on google for dlldownload or so similair wher you can get a lot of dlls.

khusru 06-11-2004 06:11 PM

yep that error comes up all the time. its not contained in the zipp i got from, i just thought its a file that doesnt make much of a difference since the other files didnt load. what does this file do???

il try the search

thanks mate

jorel 06-11-2004 06:22 PM

@ khusru
stop to search.
just click in the "email" in my post, send me your mail and i send to you all versions full and with the new HeadAC3he024a10 with AC3 and AAC suport! then you can only unzip and choose what version works in your system! end of problems, ok?

khusru 06-12-2004 06:29 AM

oh my god. u can download the dll file from darka. i cant believe they dont give it in the same directory as headache and u have to get separatly.
that fixed it striaght away, iv had this problem for so long but didnt bother looking in to it cos i started using besweet.
thanks u guys, always helping. and dont worry about the files jorel mate

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