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09-05-2002, 08:55 AM
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Hi Everyone,

I have a Divx movie (avi file) which I extracted the wav file using
VirtualDub. Tried to convert wav using Headac3he, but it gives
me an error. Seems the wav is really an mp3 with a wav header.
BeSweet ignors the header and converts to mp2, but I would like to use
Headac3he because it reports file size before you convert. I tried
renaming wav to mp3 and BeSplit to convert to mp3, but Headac3he still
gives me errors. If anyone has a solution let me know.


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09-05-2002, 08:05 PM
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Hi Everyone,

I think I found an answer to my own question. I used the following
programs and steps. All suggestions and comments welcome.

1) VirtualDub: http://www.virtualdub.org

Got to File and load your Divx(avi). You'll get some message about the file being
VBR compressed, but just press OK. Then go to File and then File Information.
Check Audio Stream -> Compression. If MPEG Layer 3 then it's an
MP3, if unknown then it's AC3. This is important since VirtualDub
will create a .wav file, but you must rename it with the extention .ac3 or
.mp3. Now go to Audio and check "Direct Stream Copy". Go to File ->
Save Wav ->
select a file name and process. When done you will have
a wav file. Rename it according to what File Information indicated.

2) BeSweet: Check http://www.doom9.net

I used the BeSweet GUI to convert the file (.mp3 or .ac3) to .wav un-
compressed. This will usually be big, so make sure your HD has enough
room. I tried this step with Headac3he and it complained that the file
was shorter then the header information, whereas BeSweet ignored the
header and processed the file.

3) Headac3he: http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/do...headac3he.html

Input the .wav file created from BeSweet and adjust the output to .mp2.
Click "Options" twice and select the bitrate and type (stereo,DC,joint
stereo). Here you can tell the output file size and adjust to what you need.

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