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Prodater64 07-28-2004 04:25 PM

Managing audio from a 29.970 DVD
I'm in PAL zone, for this reason I don't know enough NTSC format.
My question is:
1 - DVDs at 29.970 fps (telecined), still have original audio, without changes, isn'it? I mean, movie has same playing time as original progressive one?
2 - When I extract this audio from vobs, I can mux it with same video IVTC, without another change?
3 - Could someone send me a sample vob with audio (maybe cutted with dikumciser) of a NTSC 29.970 telecined through
Only need to upload the sample and post here the link to download it.
Thanks in advance.

incredible 07-28-2004 05:05 PM

As telecining is a process not just up-pitching the videospeed but inserting doubled frames at certain points incl. phaseshifts ... the movietime therefore will be the same after telecining.

Just a telecide().decimate() ... thats all and no audio speed postprocessing is needed.

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