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patchworks 01-26-2005 11:10 AM

Need the best downmix to mono method
I need (for my thesis) to convert a CD-quality file to a mono/32 KHz file, compressed with Vorbis (aoTuV 3) @ about 64 Kbps. I need to obtain the best possible quality, so here what I (actually) do:

1. CD rip (EAC/aspi)
2. Remove phase shifts between left and right channel (Advanced Audio Corrector)
3. DC Offset adjust (Goldwave)
4. Resample -> 32000 Hz (wavefs44)
5. Downmix to mono (Goldwave)
6. Volume normalization (Foobar/replaygain)
7. Encode to Vorbis q3 (Foobar/oggenc)

Any suggestion ?

Do you know a better way to get higher quality ?

Do you know any open/free software to replace Advanced Audio Corrector & Goldwave functions ?


Thanks a lot !!!

kwag 01-26-2005 05:30 PM

Re: HELP: need the best downmix to mono method !

Originally Posted by patchworks
Any suggestion ?

Encode with OggDrop, because the libraries were updated to a newer version than the ones used on the regular command line encoders.
It uses libVorbis v1.1.0.
Get it here:


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