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12-18-2005, 05:27 AM
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#1 Problemo
Ok this is going to sound lame. But i have recently started using my cap card to capture my halo 2 matches. Since these matches dont need the quality i expect from my tv caps i encode directly to mpeg 2. So my output is a mp2 audio stream. Anyways my sync got a little messed up on a couple matches. So what program could i use to resync the audio and video.

#2 Problemo

I have never really caputed to mpeg2 before. So now i have a problem. I encode my halo caps using Nero 7 AVC. Which does not allow to input a video and audio source seperately and i really dont want to have demux then remux and all that stuff since this is only a game. The great thing is that nero accepts avisynth. So my question is there anyway i can add a plugin or command to avisynth to accept mp2 audio. I remember addaudio(). But it didnt work. So any suggestions are welcome.

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12-18-2005, 08:27 AM
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If the off-sync is constant, you can use DelayCut to either cut the mp2 stream or add silence to the beginning of it. If it varies, you must decode it to WAV and sync that to the video and then encode back to mp2.

You can import mp2 in Avisynth with MPASource, available at www.avisynth.org/warpenterprises . However, Avisynth decodes the audio stream so it'll be as PCM WAV when you feed the script in Nero 7.
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