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khusru 02-16-2006 12:44 PM

Bewsweet encoding wrong kbps
Im encoding aac mp4 for psp using besweet and (nero codec)

The last five encodes iv done with bewsweet iv either gone from ac3 to mp4 (aac for psp), or wav to mp4.

I choose CBR 64kbps, encode but the file im getting is way too big for that, i think its encoding at 128 kbps.

i even double cheked the file size in headache, i just loaded up my ac3 from last encode, chose 64 kbps ( mp2 as thats whats avalible in headache) and the out put shows it should be 55 mb
but the file i got encoded at 64 kbps from besweet was 110 mb which tells me its encoding at 128

Please could someone help, its been bugging me for the last week

Im encoding from 25.000 frames per sec to 24.000 fps, increasing the volume by 15 db using pregain

Heres my command line from besweet:

"d:\Mpegs\sound apps\besweet\BeSweet.exe" -core( -input "d:\Mpegs\NEMO\indi T01 3_2ch 448Kbps DELAY 0ms.ac3" -output "d:\Mpegs\NEMO\indi T01 3_2ch 448Kbps DELAY 0ms.mp4" ) -azid( -s stereo -c normal -L -3db --maximize ) -bsn( -2ch -cbr 64 -codecquality_high -aacprofile_lc ) -ota( -r 25000 24000 -g 15db ) -ssrc( --rate 48000 )

Dialhot 02-17-2006 03:53 AM

You probably do nothing wrong but sometimes besweet has problem to go straight forward from a compressed format to an other.
Try to do ac3 -> wav (with all the "-ota" filters you need) and then wav -> aac without anything.

Note: you maximize what comes out ac3decode and then you add 15db before encoding in aac ? Are you sure about what you do there ?

khusru 02-17-2006 06:57 AM

il give that a go, so basically i add all the filters with all changes going from ac3 to wav, then i just do a straight and clean wav to aac encode??that okay

Dialhot 02-17-2006 07:01 AM

Yes it is.

khusru 02-17-2006 09:44 AM

i couldnt get it to work mate.

I tried a few things,

first i loaded up ac3 put all filters in (fps change, pregain etc), and encoded to wav. I then encoded wav ( no changes) to aac (64kbps), i still got a 128kbps file (even though on the screen whilst encoding it says doing it at 64).

I then tried encoding the above wav to mp2 at 128 kbps, then encoded mp2 to aac(64kbps), my out put file was still too big ( the file size was exact same as mp2, should have been half).

Then i tried some thing different. i loaded up the above mp2(128kbps), into megui, set it to encode just audio aac at 64kbps. my output was still way too big.

Do you think it could be the nero aac codec i have?? considering i tried it in encoding the sound in another program. it used to do normal encodes before, but it is a trial ware , and i only have 11 encoded left at present.

Dialhot 02-17-2006 09:46 AM

It can be a bug (or a limitation) of the codec, yes.

Edit: I don't understand a lot in aac but did you read that ?

Boulder 02-17-2006 12:51 PM

Your problem could be related to the fact that using SSRC and doing OTA at the same time cause problems at times. However, in your case you could remove the resampling part because AC3 is already 48kHz.

khusru 02-17-2006 05:31 PM

in my later encodes i did remove the resampling, there was no ota at all, just a direct encode to aac. im going to try and get another aac codec, il let u guys know what happens.

this has to be the most annoying thing, just when i get my video encodes perfect, low file size and excellent pic, i get a sound problem.

For anyone thats got a psp, me gui with x264 encodes will blow u away

khusru 02-17-2006 06:59 PM

cant believe it, it was the codec. i took out aac.dll and aacenc32 of the besweet folder, and replaced with full version of codecs, and now encodes are fine, correct file size and everthig.

thanks for all the help guys we got there in the end

incredible 02-20-2006 05:16 AM

Also have a look at BeHappy in the doom9 forum.
Seems very promising as avs's internal audio algorhythms are used.
You first need to copy NicAudio.dll into your avs plugs folder.

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