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Godfather411 02-05-2003 04:18 PM

HeadAC3he: Sync problem, Sound 8 sec ahead of picture
Here is my problem... VCD movie, American Outlaws, don't have the source, just the 2 cds with the movie. Great picture quality, just sound is about 8-10 sec ahead of the picture through the movie. I used VCDEasy to get the MPEG file out of the VCD, then tried de-multiplexing and multiplexing, nothing.... how do I fix this? Any help will be greatly appreciated... :roll:

black prince 02-05-2003 07:42 PM


Here's an interesting way to solve audio sync problems:

Create a script from the link above and with Tmpgenc input the .wav
and .m1v files. Go to Settings>Audio. At the bottom of this screen
is settings for audio and video delays to change their settings.
1000ms is ~1 second. To play with "avsmon" use VDub and go
to preview. As "avsmon" displays you can change the audio delay
in real time to catch up with the video. Keep track of the delay you
used with "avsmon" and use this in Tmpgenc's audio settings. :wink:

-black prince

francks 02-06-2003 06:16 AM

Is it in the audio tab or the advanced tab (source range) that you setup the delay? I can't find the settings you mention in the audio tab.

black prince 02-06-2003 07:11 AM


Settings>Source Range>audio delay. or
Settings>Audio>delay audio :) You can use values of +or- 1000ms
to make audio catch up with video or fall behide video. :)

-black prince

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