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mario37000 07-04-2003 10:15 PM

HeadAC3he: sound is too slow?
I converted a ac3 file into a wav-ac3 file and I burned it into a music CD,when I playeback on my cd player and my sound receiver,Everything seems fine,(my receiver reconized the sound as a dolby digital)but the sound
it's slow like -0.5x or -1x,can somebody have any Idea how to fix this problem? [cjavascript:emoticon(':?')

kwag 07-04-2003 10:28 PM

You didn't downsample to 44.1Khz ;)


mario37000 07-04-2003 10:42 PM

when I choose wac-ac3, I can't select the bit sample

kwag 07-04-2003 11:08 PM


Originally Posted by mario37000
when I choose wac-ac3, I can't select the bit sample

Wooops :oops: you're right. I just noticed that.
You got me on this one, because I've never done an AC-3 to music CD 8O
I have a book somewhere, "From VHS to Video" or something like that, that talks about just that :!: I think they used Flask or FlaskMPEG to extract the audio. I recall reading that, but I don't remember the details now.
I'll see if I can dig it up, and I'll let you know :)


mario37000 07-04-2003 11:47 PM

I use Vobrator and works verywell so far,I can extract all sound formats from dvd's,but I can't burn music-cd's,I'm working with Surcode for DTS sound and i already burn some music cd's with DTS sound .

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