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jorel 09-20-2003 04:11 PM

HeadAC3he: Wav or ac3 to mp2 with no standard bitrate?
i ask the same in d9 for use BeSweetGUI
but i'm trying with Headac3he and the result is too big!

i'm trying to use mp2 VBR in my skvcds.

for 01:13:46 ac3 at 160 (CBR) give 86mb
but using VBR the same ac3 give 160mb! 8O
headac3he show 73mb in the destination size target,
no matter how bitrate is choosed,the target size change
using differents adjusts in "quality"...but the final is too big!

what i did wrong?

Boulder 09-21-2003 02:45 PM

IIRC the VBR mode only uses very high bitrates. Also very few players support VBR audio streams so it's definitely not recommended.

jorel 09-21-2003 05:40 PM

ok Boulder,
i really want to test my players with VBR,
don't know if i will use this way.
when in the past i encode some cds to mp3vbr,
i feel the sound "breathing" the high frequences...(if i right remember)!
seems the old "dnl" used by philips(2400) in old tape-decks players.
really cool to cut the noises(hiss from tapes)
but "breathing" in high frequences,
very cool for "classics" but bad for "rock"(sometimes)!

*dnl = dynamic noise limiter (Philips)!
some "olders"(me include) like more the dnl than dolby!

the strange for me is:
why my vbr encoded file from ac3 is too big?!?!?

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