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yamagata 10-29-2003 11:35 AM

Stereo to 5.1 Questions
Hi all,
I have tried using the guide by eye if horus (found in a earlier post below this thread) and sucessfully got a 5.1 wave of a track...

Now questions...

How do I burn the completed waves... Can I use CD-R media or do I require something else... (problem being out putted wave is apparenttly not allowed by nero to be used in a audio compliation) I read somewhere something about burn as "red book" could someone expand on this please...?

Also EAC "exact adio copy" can be used, my understanding is you extract the cd as one big wave, make this into a 6 channel wave by using the guide then encode to 5.1 and burn using the .cue sheet which EAC pops out... sounds easy, but, EAC does not see my cd drive!!! I consulted their own website but found that the forum is unavaliable... and problem shooting guides are all but non-existant. Can anyone explain what could be the problem? Could my cd drive be incompatible with this program?

Forgive any n00b problems which I have brought up... but we all go to learn!! Any input would be appreaciated.

Regards YaMa

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