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tickey 12-23-2003 01:54 PM

NO sound when muxing
Hi there, I use the latest bsweet/gui to create a .mp2 44.1KHz stereo 16bit file from a .wav file 44.1 KHz stereo 16 bit .wav and when the final .mp2 is muxed w/bbmeg there is no sound or TEMpenc declares is an invalid mpeg stream.

When you play the .mp2 own its own the sound is there.

I dont need to use this soft as tempenc will do it but I here the experts reccomend besweet for audio and tempenc only for vid then mux w/bbmpeg.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions/comments.

bigggt 12-23-2003 07:24 PM

Hi ,don't know if this could be it but i was having the same problem but i had the settings in besweet wrong.It played great in winamp but when i muxed the audio and video i would get no sound.

Check the settings and you could also use headach3e which a lot of people here use

tickey 12-23-2003 09:26 PM

Thanks 4 the tip, I'll check it out.

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