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vdk_au 03-11-2004 03:41 AM

best quality codecs for Audio VCDs ?
I recently tried capturing some visualizations from winamp with camstudio as mentioned in the audio vcd forum. I was wondering which codec would give me the best quality so i can convert it to a high quality kvcd. I tried divx pro 5.1.1, 3ivx D4 4.5.1, VP6 VFW codecs.

One thing, i wan't to capture it at full screen, but it seems to lag and sometimes i can't even capture, that is when asked to save, i save it but it gives a resulting 15k or so file size, is it to do with the size of the capture? how can i overcome this?


Dialhot 03-11-2004 04:37 AM

Can't you post that in the proper forum ? :-(

-> moved !

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