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gamma 04-23-2004 06:07 AM

HeadAC3he: Surround or Surround2 ?

I've got a question. When making MP2-audio for kvcd/dvd, I use dual channel as channel mode.

But, what should I use for the downmix? I usually use "surround". You can also choose for "surround 2". I've read om doom9 that surround 2 is especially voor Dolby PL II decoders, en surround for DPL I decoders.

My question: if I use "surround 2", will it produce the same sound on my DPL I decoder as I would use "surround" ? In other words: is "surround 2" backwards compatible with dolby pl I ?

Thanks in advance!

jorel 04-23-2004 04:36 PM

depend if the source is ac3-2channels or 5.1!

after you load the ac3 source, headac3he choose the best for you,
don't need to change that parameter....
but i don't know what decoder you have.
better is a little test with each situation to listen in your decoder!
use start frame and end frame in headac3he to encode this little tests.


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