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kwag 05-05-2004 01:06 PM

musik - an open-source, cross-platform multimedia player

From their page:

If you are looking for a "fancy" mp3 player that uses skins (and a lot of system resources) please look elsewhere. Winamp and Sonique are our favorite skinnable players. If, however, you enjoy your music -- and have a lot of it, you've come to the right place.

musikCube, or Cube for short, is a freeware, open source mp3 and ogg library management and playback system. Additional formats will be supported in the future. Cube is available to anyone running a Windows NT based operating system (NT4, 2000, XP) and is designed to help even the most disorganized computer user take control of their music.

Cube will NEVER support skins, so please don't even ask. Cube offers an elegant alternative to skinning through the use of color theming and transparency effects. These features, however, are disabled by default. The goal of Cube is to be completely cohesive within your operating environment.

Stability is the ultimate goal of the project and sets musik apart from your average mp3 player. Beta testing is a rigorous process, and the product is only released after all the testers are satisfied.

Project musik was also created with the developer in mind. musikCore (the library, player, equalizer, crossfader, playlist management) can be downloaded as a completely separate module and linked against in Windows and NOW Linux. This backend is written in C++ and is based on fmod, sqlite, openthreads, and taglib.

- 6 to 18 band dual channel parametric equalizer

- Extremely fast tag parsing

- Totally customizable interface

- Small system footprint

- Advanced crossfader

- Embedded SQL database

- Powerful batch tagging

- Separate core and ui

- Complete drag and drop support

- Much more...

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