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Blubear 07-21-2004 09:21 PM

cannot burn in VCD - compatability issues
Hi All members,
I seem to have a problem which has just become apparent which is a bit strange. Previously I was able to burn KVCD's no problem using the same media as I am using now. However I just created a KVCD MPEG1 Muxed as SVCD in TMPGEnc and then > VCD Easy where I created Chapters. Exactly as I have done previously before. I created from the original MPEG file 795MB a Bin and Cue 805MB. placed in nero and attempted to burn in SVCD mode as burn image.

Time and time and time again the burn is refused and ejected with protocol: The is insufficient room on the disc(NEW) to burn the compilation. I havn't burned one for a while so is everything ok presently??
I cannot burn in VCD as I had compatability issues. I was wondering how I can manipulate the overburn facility in NERO to accomodate the 805MB file size.
Help please!! needed
Steve. :(

Prodater64 07-21-2004 10:47 PM

Nero, Files, preferences, Advanced tab, check permit overburn. General tab set yellow mark at 80 min and red mark at 82 minutos.
Im sorry screenshot is in French language and only Advanced tab.

Before burn select "Disk at Once 96" (some burners work with "Disk at Once").
Select x12.

Burn CD.
Until 82 min. can accept.

You can get a final error, "Invalid field in command" , but without importance.

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