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zerotype 08-09-2004 05:51 PM

KVCD: Help doing menus?
I am doing The conplete series of aqua teen hunger force.I have figured I would do 11 eps per disc and make it 4disc.That is aproxmently 132 minutes per disc so it should look ok if not I can always do a 5disc thing.Anyways having so many videos on 1disc I figured I would do menues I have heard repeadly it is not possible to do INTERACTIVE menues on vcd and some places say you can... But I want to know can I and if not can I with skvcd?Also if I cant and have to do the numbers menu is their away to have a soundtrack playing in background(Im trying to make this look very good).Another question I kind of am a quality whore as some mgiht say,so to squeeze even more quality out of my disc is their away I can make it to where I have the main intro as 1track and the usual ending as 1 and make it to where it plays at the begining and end of each track that I choose.And my final question when I do the background can I have a small mpg play?Or should I just stick with bmp and what side does the bmp need to be thankyou for all the help I am sure you will give me.

Prodater64 08-09-2004 08:33 PM

Re: Help doing menus
You can do a menu, but is a little bit complicated. You can do it for VCD and SVCD also.
Program: VCDEasy.
1 - Easy way - without menu: For many time I did still menus with a lot of hard work. Time said me that it is an useless work. I only used menus sporadically. Also it takes space in your CD.
Then load your movies in VCDEasy, choice interactivity tab, in first stream check overwrite default (down and right), assign buttons numbers to your streams. Once you finished press the near right "3 point button", select all elements, ok.
2 - Not so easy: Load your files, go to chapters tab, play each stream and stop it when you choiced an image for your still image menu, if it stop in a not desired place, go back frame by frame until you see the correct image. Press record button (a black circle ) and save it. Once you have all your images rename it with a short name Ch1, Ch2, etc. I used SuperJPG for this as it rename all files at once. With Graphic Workshop or maybe you know another program, you can make a catalog, this is all your pictures one side other, whit its names under each one and, it is the bad for me, the extension .jpg. It is bad because if you leave it in this way, your chapters menu will give names as ch1.jpg, ch2.jpg, etc.
In this point I opended Paint shop Pro, and covered picture names with background color. Resize this catalog to 704*576(480). Load it in VCDEasy, choice tools, mpeg images, choice VCD or SVCD, drag and drop your jpg 704*576(480), and will obtain a mpg file with your menu.
Load menu, load movies, go to interactivity tab and proceed in similar way as point 1.
3 - You can do a menu with a movie in background for example with Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere, Ulhead Studio, etc. In one video channel put your menu movie, put your numbered menu over it with subtitles. Process it to obtain a mpeg1 or mpeg2 stream as you need. Load this stream together with your movie in VCDEasy, and proceed as before related to assign remote control keys. Choice in interactivity tab how many times this intro will be played 1, 2, 3 ... or infinite times. Don't forget to assign control keys to this stream if not your menu will be useless.

This was some basics. I can write more here, this is not a "guide".
I hope it is enough for your begin.
See you-

zerotype 08-09-2004 10:18 PM

Thanks and it pretty much is all I need to do that as that answered most my questions.I just want it to look good I will prolly make the movie background the athf intro but a very lo-quality one well not so low it looks crap but not perfect as it will take up some space and thankyou very much.

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