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akasha 10-04-2004 10:35 AM

problem burning a kvcd with nero
I donwloaded a file wich is a kvcd, the thing is that when I tried to record it with nero, everything seemed fine until I put it in my dvd player and it said it lasted 40 minutes. It does last that much and it's like in fast foward. I can watch it ok on my computer but not on the dvd.
I'm quite new to kvcd and have no idea why it is doing this.
I would really be thankfull for any help....

Dialhot 10-04-2004 10:41 AM

KVCD is a modification of standard VCD (or SVCD if you video is in MPEG2 and not MPEG1). All players are not supposed to play this "out of the standard" videos.

You probably have a standalone that does not support the spec used for that KVCD.

That is why a KVCD is not something you DL, but something you DO.

rds_correia 10-04-2004 12:59 PM

Hi there :),
We used to have a KVCD CDimage to burn.
That CDimage when played in a stand alone player would give you an idea of which type of KVCD you could play in your SAP, if any.
Do you still host that CDimage, Phil?
That is, I can't find it on the main page and I remember you once had it available for download.
I even tried to get it in P2P (eMule, Kazaa) but I just can't find it.
If you still host it, could you be so kind to point us where.
Maybe I'll make it always available on eMule if I can get it ;-)

Dialhot 10-05-2004 02:42 AM


Originally Posted by rds_correia
Do you still host that CDimage, Phil?

My ISP was supposed to connect my new home in less than 30 days. Thats was 45 days ago...

As soon as I have access to internet again, I will put them online.

fingerbob 10-05-2004 05:44 AM

Yeah, I've just bought a new standalone and was hunting for this image last night too....

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