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rds_correia 12-10-2006 09:33 AM

GUI for Dvdauthor / GUI for Muxman
Hey there :),
Just thought I would let you guys know of this tool.
Borax from forum is finishing it up.
For those who can't afford DVDLab this is quite a good option.
Can either use Dvdauthor or Muxman's engine.
Stability with Dvdauthor engine is awesome good by now and we're getting close to a 1.0 release.
Stability with Muxman engine is just almost as good as with Dvdauthor's though we're far from a 1.0, very far.
If you want to give it a try get GfD 0.99 from it's own page at
And if you want to play with it with Muxman's engine then you need to get the zip file from this videohelp's post
Project's main features and limits taken from it's web page.

General features:
- 4:3 + 16:9
- SingleVTS + MultiVTS (with MultiVTS you may use different resolutions on a single DVD - without patch)
- Elementary + Multiplexed Videostreams (mpv, m2v, m1v, mp2, ac3, dts, mpg, vob (if renamed to mpg))
- Elementary Videostreams may be requantized (mpeg2 only!)
- 'Audio only' titles (for music DVDs form mp2 or ac3 audio files)
- Free definable fonts and colors (also for highlights)
- Movie preview
- Menu preview
- Chaptereditor
- Chapter menus
- Animated menus (using Avisynth and HCbatch_015 or QuEnc)
- Audiomenus (advanced mode only)
- Subtitlemenus (advanced mode only)
- 'Switched' menus (advanced mode only)
- Intro (only with a correct multiplexed mpg)

50 Pictures per menu
50 Animations per menu
36 Buttons per menu
36 Free text labels per menu
98 Video titles (+ 1 Intro)
32 'Audio only' titles per audio titleset (one audio titleset replaces one video titel)
50 Pages for Main menu (VTVM menu)
240 Menus (in total)
Multiplexed Videostreams must contain navigation packets

Dialhot 12-10-2006 10:32 AM

Thnaks for the tip Rui.

Are you using it yourself ? With wich engine ?

rds_correia 12-10-2006 02:17 PM

Yep, I've been using it for the past 2 weeks or so.
I started using Muxman engine a couple of days ago.
I'm really not a big fan of dvdauthor because sometimes my mustek SAP chokes with streams encoded with dvdauthor.
But it never did anything like that with DLP or Muxman.
Well I've had ChapterEditor crashing on me a couple of times.
And once in a while I press the Preview button and my PC gets really busy.
So when I open Process Explorer or Task Manager I can see that DfM launched DGIndex but I can't find it's window.
In those cases I just close the application and reopen my project.
Do ->save<- your projects once in a while when you are working with DfM.
That way you don't have to start from scratch if it crashes ;).
Other than that I have made maybe 5 or 6 KDVDs all of them 704x576 non-anamorphic with different audio bitrates and with a small still picture menu to select which movie to view.
And it has worked perfectly for me :D.
Oh and don't forget this tip on how to set your ac3 track audio delay in DfM since the GUI still doesn't have this setting.
Is it only on my PC that the CPU goes rocket sky high to 100% usage when I open a videohelp forum window?
I thought I was seeing things but now I've prooved it.
Whenever I open or reload a thread in videohelp's forum my CPU goes to 100% usage and stays there for maybe 5 seconds or so.
I've never seen this in any other forum :?.

rds_correia 02-20-2007 04:36 PM

GUI for Muxman (a.k.a. GfM) is now 1.0.1.
Very stable with both authoring engines (dvdauthor/Muxman).
AC3 delay has already been included.
And since it's free this is a veeeery strong competition with DVDLab.
Of course DVDLab still has an edge especially with the "look and feel" and because it already comes with it's own gallery for background/buttons etc.
But I still haven't found a feature that I need every day that GfM doesn't already have implemented.
Simply a must!

supermule 02-21-2007 06:36 AM

Can Gfm author Menus and create chapters and navigations ???

rds_correia 02-21-2007 04:59 PM

As stated in the 1st post, it will create Menues and it will create Chapters.
Now I don't know what you mean by Navigations.
If you can explain what that is maybe I can tell you if GfM can cope with that too.

supermule 02-22-2007 12:49 AM

I mean, with DVDlab youc an put two different streams in the same DVD (although not standard) and using hthe GUI, create the navigations between how the menus and navigation will work.

rds_correia 02-22-2007 05:10 PM

I don't think that GfM can do that.
At least at it's present development stage.

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