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2COOL 11-07-2002 02:28 AM

DVD template with new IFOedit 0.95
Hello folks,

I have been dabblin' with putting my movies unto DVD+R/RW but I still use the KDVD-720x480-Full-D1-_NTSC template to shrink the movie if it's still too big.

Just to give this forum a heads up for all you people who do 4.7 DVDs, Derrow (maker of IFOedit) has just come out with version .95. It takes the main movie and do chaptering, multiple audio, and multiple subtitles. It doesn't do menus but I don't care, I just wanted the to do selected audio and subtitles. You can even transfer the color of the original ifo's subtitles to the new one.

And the cool thing is all freeware! Sweeeet! :D

You can check it out at

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