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04-26-2003, 02:18 PM
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Hello everyone. This may be a stupid question for most of you but for me is very important. I have done all of my encoding and muxing and everything, now I want to burn my creation and here is where I'm getting lost. Following the kvcd guide and end of it it says:


The Final step of Burning the Image I won’t be going into in this guide.

I usually use Fireburner to burn my Bin&Cue Files, but you can also go to File/Burn Image within Nero if you’d rather use that.

I usually burn at a slower speed 6-8X, just to be sure.

That’s it, go and play your new KVCD on your DVD player J

Now the question is Do I burn the "Bin&Cue" files to a cd or what is it that I burnt. I'm using nero for burning. Please anyone help me with this.

Thank you guys for your help in advance.

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04-26-2003, 02:34 PM
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Hi Gadget,not sure if i understand what you are asking but ill give it a try,you burn image on nero to a regular cdr but if you don't use vcdeasy the movies come out as mpegs and you can use nero and burn as vcd.

hope this is what you meant
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04-26-2003, 04:07 PM
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Hi Gadget,

That's exactly what bigggt said.
But I strongly suggest that you use VCDEasy!
If you don't wanna burn with VCDEasy, at least make the images with it.
After you have the cue/bin in your hands, you can use whatever you want to burn it (nero, fireburn, etc.).
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04-26-2003, 11:28 PM
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Hello all:
Yesterday I was able to obtain an mpeg file using one of the kvcd templates. THANKS TO KWAG for all his help. Today I tried burning the vcd, but was not able to do it.
1.- I used vcd easy to create an image and then burn it with both, Nero and VCD easy, and in a couple of ocasions, I was able to see my cd creation, but only in my computer, and not on my players. Both players recognized the disc as a vcd, but was not able to open the movie at all, they woulde just sit there, not doing anything when pressing the play control. (By the way, I was using the latest VCDwasy, I believe that it is v1.1.5, and there are no guides for this version, at least I have not found them, I am reading the guides for version 1.1.4 and version 1.1.2)

2.- Then I went back to Nero, and did burn the cd directly, meaning that I used the vcd function of Nero to create the vcd-from mpeg to vcd-, and it indeed created the vcd, at least it did burn something, but now, not even the dvd-rom recognizes the vcd.

Is there a step by step detailed guide that will take me from the mpeg file to the final kvcd for both Nero and VCDeasy? I am trying to follow a couple of guides that I found on the VCDEasy sites, and other, to no avail.


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04-28-2003, 01:22 PM
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if vcdeasy's built-in burning (cdrao tools) aint cutting it for you, try
burning the bin/cue images with either fireburner and/or clonecd.
i wouldnt do the bincue's directly with nero.
Mind you though, when i do burn with vcdeasy, i get about a 98-99% success rate.
My speed for kvcd's is 8x, on my system i almost never get blocks or errors if i keep it up to that speed.

Fireburner is probably your best bet , other than vcdeasy burning directly.
There's other methods to load up your images and do a copy-on-the-fly which is an excellent method too.

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04-28-2003, 07:57 PM
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Hello again:
Just to update you in my saga:
1.- I downloaded a file from KVCD. It was an HBO movie segment.
2.- I did burn the cd, using Nero, and it plays well in my dvd player, but it does not play very well on my players> On one of them, I can see the movie, but with horizontal color bands, maybe four of of them, the audio is OK.
On the other player, I see nothing bul colored lines, perhaps 200 to 400 horizontal lines, did not count them. but after reloading the disc a couple of times, I was able to discern a picture....Of course it was not watchable, but had a picture going.
3.- When I use dvdeasy to burn the cd, neither my computer's dvd player, nor the other dvd players recognize the disc.

I do not know if I am doing this correctly or not. This is how I do everything, basically black prince's guide:
1.- Use decrypter to rip the dvd
2.- Used dvd2avi
3.- Used headac3he to obtain the .mp2 files
3.- Used the latest moviestacker. Have used Kwag's templates and tried them on both 704X480 and 352X480, bbmpeg 1 and 2
4 Loaded TOK, latest version using the scrypts saved in the previous step.
5.- Saved mpeg file on my hard disk.
6.- Try burning them with Nero, using VCD mode, uncheking the standard flag, as well as the CDi flag, as well as burning with the CDi flag only, given me the results exposed above.

I have also loaded several TMPGenc templayes, but again, do not know if the combination of templates, -in mnoviestacker and tmpgenc- are the correct ones, or whether once you set up your options with moviestacker and TOK, then TMPGenc receives its information fromTOK, as far as templates is concerned.

Please forgive me for sending several e-maiuls regarding this matter, but I just do not know what to do.

Thank you very much for your help.

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