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black prince 09-25-2002 08:57 PM

AviSynth 2.05 filter Compare for debugging is interesting...
Hi Kwag,

This avisynth filter "Compare" seems interesting. You can compare
your source to the encoded mpg. The log file it creates can be graphed
in Excel for visual comparision. This could show how well Tmpgenc
is handling bitrates in low and high action scenes. This is available
with avisynth 2.05. What do you think?

Compare(clip_filtered, clip_original, string "channels", string "logfile", bool "show_graph")

Compare outputs the filtered clip (first arg) with text (Mean Absolute Difference, Mean Difference & PSNR) and Marc's PSNR graph (if show_graph is true). The channels string is a combination of R,G,B[,A] or Y,U,V , depending on the source clips. The empty string (default) means either "YUV" or "RGB". If logfile is not null, the results will be written to a file by this name and not drawn on the clip. It is much faster if you need to compare a lot of frames.


#Displays differences on screen
#for creating a log file:
#will only compare chroma channels of YUY2 clips.

Could this tell how well Tmpgenc is doing vs the original source,
for handling low and high action scenes during a movie? :)

-black prince

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