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jorel 09-25-2004 04:28 AM

AVSGenerator - quickly and easily write scripts for AviSynth
AVSGenerator is a quite old french software (with GPL licence) and is now available for english speakers.
This is a GUI for generating quickly and easily scripts for AviSynth.



The download link for AVSGenerator 1.00 :

hint: To install AVSGenerator, just launch the installer (NSIS).
Then you have to copy a MPEG2DEC library (compatible with your D2V file creator)
in the AVSGenerator directory and indicate her name in the AVSGenerator.cfg config file (DGDecode.Dll by default).
See here( )for the last version of neuron2's Decodefix.



danpos 09-25-2004 08:50 AM

Hello, dear friend Jorge ! Ive already answered your PM. Its very cool your post and Ill check out the links. Ill to try it.

A hug,

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