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supermule 08-05-2006 01:43 AM

Avisynth: Interesting results with YlevelsS
I guess its a combination of YlevelsS + Strong deblocking + Spline36 resizing to get to this output, that too from an xvid source!!! 8)

Need to see how the combination of only YlevelsS and Spline36 bring out the results from a DVD source, will it be better or worse ???

check this thread out. The picture quality is excellent.

Dialhot 08-06-2006 06:39 AM

I'm sorry to tell that but if you consider this as excellent, then we definitely not have the same definition.

I won't comment the other pictures, they are as good as they can be due to the condition (1000 kbit/s xvid source and 2100 kbit/s mpeg2 target - these are really difficult specs) : lot of mosquitos and solar effects in plain area - may be due to png encoding of the picture ?.
The quality obtained by danpos is at most good, and that is the maximum you can expect in this situation.

Beside this as explained by Danpos, the filter combo he used are specifically aimed to the project he had in mind. There is no need to use Spline36 as resizer for a regular DVD->KDVD encoding or even a DVD->KVCD. Danpos use it because of the upscaling he needed to do. Moreover he set the deringing AND deblocking in the codec settings, saving the need to use that in the script itself. Finally he trusted in the "denoising" effect introduced by the usage of QMatOp.

Indeed his script does almost "nothing" except fight againt halos (with an upscaled xvid source... ? what a surprise ;)).

That's a common problem to all Xvid -> DVD lovers : so astonished with the crappy results generally obtained that when some enhance them they feel like if fire has just been discovered.

supermule 08-06-2006 11:59 PM

Ops!! I did miss that image. But as you rightly said, the filters used here are only a strong combination of deblocking along with masktool for luminance correction and sharpness which does brighten up the picture.

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