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08-12-2006, 05:31 AM
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I had a look at the GripFit c++ code and did some minor changes.
Sometimes it has been reported that GripFit does crash under certain circumstancies. Please do test this one on known GripFit crashing workouts of the past, so we can see if that issue has been solved.
Still no Mpeg4 targets using individual PAR supported, but will be added in the future. Mpeg4 sources for shure are supported as common.

The original code/work is from SansGrip.

- Newer Avisynth.h header used - the older compile of GripFitYV12 did use a very old release of the avisynth_25.h file, maybe this change already solves the GripFit crash.
- Some minor changes on the PAR calculation have been done. So 544 width outputs now will be shown correctly by the SAP.
- If 720 is the source width and 704 is the target, then if source state is anamorph, at "default" also the 704 target will be anamorph. Before that has been supported only at 720->720 conversations.

Download: GripFit2006
(This is BETA, so no warranties)

Usage is as common:

GripCrop(int width, int height, bool source_anamorphic, bool dest_anamorphic, int overscan, int crop_round_width, int crop_round_height, int resize_round_width, int resize_round_height, int luma_threshold, int samples)

GripSize(string resizer)

So ... on a 720 source ..


Will keep the 720x576 sources anamorph state in case of, and does convert it to 704x576. I actually say "convert" as in here it correctly just crops the borders to get to 704x576.

GripCrop(352,576, source_anamorphic=false, resize_round_width=2, resize_round_height=2)

Will resize a NON-anamoprh 720x576 stream to 352x576 (1/2 DVD) and does use MOD2 instead of default MOD16 when resizing (default is recommended).
The same logic appears on the parameters "crop_round_width" and "crop_round_height" as here you also can alter the cropping MOD.

The parameters "luma_threshold" and "samples" are for altering the border detection, so Luma detection stands for the border-blackness threshold and samples for how many frames of the whole video should be used as reference for detection.
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08-12-2006, 10:05 AM
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Hi Inc,

Thank you for this update. A (working) gripfit function gives an easier way to handle the scripts we can gives to the members, specially newcomers.
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