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digitall.doc 06-19-2007 02:55 PM

BASIC programming in Kubuntu
Hi folks,
several months now with Kubuntu installed (well, really reinstalled in May, since upgrade to Feisty Fawn didn't work and had to reinstall...), and I feel that I could work with it forever in my daily tasks. I find that video applications don't suit me well yet, but I feel it's a question of time (Ubuntu Studio is born, and I suppose it will help multimedia development under Linux).

Well, now the subject of the post... after reading this thread I thought: could I make the poor progs I wrote in Visual Basic run in my Kubuntu?. Is there a Kubuntu application to write progs in BASIC, like Visual Basic?. A prog written in BASIC under Linux could run later under MS?... and so. And begun googling :lol:

Well, first option, why not learn Python?. I already have enough entertainment to spend more time learning a new language, and I want an application that outputs an executable, be it .exe or .bin.

I thought first about PureBasic (guess why :wink: ), but I read reports saying that it hasn't an easy GUI, and looked for alternatives.

I read really good reports about Gambas, but I still don't know if it will suit my taste, that is, if it will output an executable, that I'd be able to run on any computer, and if it can output an .exe to run in MS.
I also don't know if it can optimise the code, as said in the thread I refer to earlier.

I also read good posts about HBasic, and Phoenix. And a commercial solution, Linux version of RealBasic.

Have you used any of these progs?, what's your opinion?, what would you recommend?.
I could install some of them, and try, but nowadays Kubuntu coexists dual-boot with Windows, and I don't have much space left in Kubuntu, nor much experience, to begin installing and uninstalling applications, so your comments will be of a great help.

kwag 06-19-2007 11:17 PM

Re: BASIC programming in Kubuntu
Hi digitall.doc,

If you want something that you can program like VB (with a visual builder, etc), and target Linux, Windows and OSX, I can strongly suggest "Real Basic"


digitall.doc 06-20-2007 05:13 PM

Hi Kwag,

Ok, I see. Better choice would be Real Basic.
It used to be for free (not free, as it is commercial), but now it isn't.
I'll take a look and consider if it does worth the $.
But I'm almost sure about this: if you recommend it, it'll worth.

kwag 06-20-2007 07:21 PM


Originally Posted by digitall.doc
But I'm almost sure about this: if you recommend it, it'll worth.

Thanks :D

BTW, I did test it about a year ago, and a friend and I made a quick application, and created an OSX and a Windows target, and it worked flawlessly on both platforms :!:


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