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tengo6dedos 07-07-2008 05:49 PM

motion adaptive?

i was lookin to the motion adaptive script in "optimal" space, can someone explain me better this function? how can i get more aggresive filtering using the function?

i cant find much info written in easy english and in spanish i found nothing


Dialhot 07-08-2008 07:38 AM

The "motion adaptative" part is only this line :

ScriptClip(" nf = YDifferenceToNext()" +chr(13)+ "unfilter( -(fmin(round(nf)*2, 100)), -(fmin(round(nf)*2, 100)) ).TemporalSoften( fmin( round(2/nf), 6), round(1/nf) , round(3/nf) , 1, 1)  ")
The idea is to have a script that changes according to some elements of the image. Here we look at the difference between an image and the next one ( YDifferenceToNext()) and the effect of combo of filters that follows (unfilter().TemporalSoften()) change according to that value "nf". If the difference is big, the "action" in the scene is big and we can blur the image a little as the eye wont see the difference between a sharp image and a blured one when there is a lot of movement. That is the purpose of unfilter.
The opposite : if nf is small, the scene is static and the filtering applyied is a simple temporal denoise to remove grain without altering too visibily the image.

What do you need as "more agressive filtering" ?

tengo6dedos 07-08-2008 01:51 PM

thanks, im startin to understand. So motion adaptive is after sharpening?


What do you need as "more agressive filtering" ?

I mean like addin fft3dfilter to be changin with the motion to remove more noise where motion is higher and then unfilter or temporal to soft it a bit more

Dialhot 07-08-2008 02:59 PM

I don't think denoising where there is motion is needed, but you can replace temporalsoften by fft3dfilter and use it to denoise static scene and not moving ones.
The point is to find values for the parameters, using nf in the same way it is used for temporalsoften (that is the bugg nf is, the more you tend to 0 for the filter).

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