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SansGrip's Avisynth Filters [DOWNLOADS]
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Here you'll find various Avisynth filters I've written to fill needs as I encountered them. I do not necessarily maintain or even use them any more, but I'll try to fix any bugs that are discovered. While I always strive to write well-behaved code I make no guarantees, so use these (as with all software) at your own risk.

All code and documentation is released into the public domain, since I believe free software should be just that.

As well as the most recent version of each filter you'll find old ones too. This is mainly for regression testing and archival purposes, and I don't recommend using them in production environments.

Any version number lower than 1.0 means that filter is alpha or beta code. In other words, it's not yet reached a point where I consider it worthy of being called "stable". This doesn't mean it's going to drink everything in your liquor cabinet then crash your car. It means the filter hasn't yet received enough testing for me confidently to assert it's ready for production use.

Enough babbling. Here are the filters.

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Note: Alternate download at: Sansgrip Avisynth filter downloads in archive unavailable? Archives 11-25-2012 10:15 PM

Filter documentation:

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