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DazJWood 06-07-2002 03:07 AM

Avisynth: Fit CD guides?
Can anyone help me with these programmes. I wouldn't say I was new to encoding but these programmes are going straight over my head.

I have encoded many films from DVD using just a DVD ripper programme (Smart Ripper), DVD2AVI to convert the Vobs to audio and a video project file and then encode them to either VCD or SVCD using TMPEnc.

What is the advantage of using avisynth?

Is avisynth just a dll?

I have downloaded the and installed the dlls and pointed fitCD to the location of my mpeg2dec.dll (or whatever it is called. I am away from my home pc). I have generated a script with Fit CD.
When I load it into TMPEnc it displays a black screen with red writing saying there is no such function as TemporalSmoothing?

Have I missed a dll to install somewhere?

Is there any guide available on here or will someone please write one that details from start to finish the best process of encoding a DVD rip to KVCD!? A detailed guide with ideal settings for FitCD and Avisynth.

I think this site would definitely benefit from a guides section on the main page. This would help a lot of us out there use these templates to best effect and I'm sure would cut down on the many posts in these forums asking the same questions over again.



kwag 06-07-2002 09:11 AM

Hi Daz:

Download AviSynth here:

Read about it and all you can do with it here:


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