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sh0dan 05-31-2003 05:37 PM

AviSynth 2.5.2 Released
This is the first version of AviSynth 2.5 that no longer contain the beta label. This comes after a lot of bughunting, with great feedback from many users.

A lot has been done to help transition from AviSynth 2.0. Be sure to update all plugins for AviSynth 2.5, when upgrading - a link to the filter collection can be found below. Much additional documentation can also be found om!

Download from the SourceForge project page.


Official homepage:

AviSynth filter collection:

* Added light version of "ffvfw" to the installer. No "Cannot locate decompressor (YV12)" messages.
* Added ConditionalFilter, that returns one of two sources based on an expression.
* Added conditional filters:
o AverageLuma(), AverageChromaU(), AverageChromaV() functions. Returns a float from 0 to 255 based on the average pixel values of a plane.
o YDifferenceFromPrevious(), UDifferenceFromPrevious(), VDifferenceFromPrevious() and YDifferenceToNext(), UDifferenceToNext(), VDifferenceToNext().
o LumaDifference(clip,clip), ChromaUDifference(clip,clip), ChromaUDifference(clip,clip). They return a float value between 0 and 255 of the absolute difference.
o RGBDifference(clip1,clip2), RGBDifferenceFromPrevious(clip), RGBDifferenceToNext(clip).
o YPlaneMax(clip, float threshold), YPlaneMin(clip, float threshold), YPlaneMedian(clip), YPlaneMinMaxDifference(clip, float threshold). Threshold is a percentage, on how many percent of the pixels are allowed above or below minimum. The threshold is optional and defaults to 0. There are similar funtions for U and V.
* Added ScriptClip(clip, string function, [show=true/false]). This will return the clip returned by the function evaluated on every frame.
* Added FrameEvaluate(clip, script) - Similar to ScriptClip, except the output of the filter is ignored. This can be used for assigning variables, etc.
* YV12 <-> RGB conversions now use an intermediate YUY2 conversion to achieve better chroma upsamplig. As a result of this ConvertToRGB now also take an "interlaced=true/false" parameter.
* Added ImageWriter.
* Added "show" parameter to ConditionalFilter. This will overlay the results on the screen.
* Added dynamic compiled limiter.
* Implemented Belgabors patch for exporting plugin functions.
* Build date is now (semi)automatically updated in version.
* Added script functions: IsYV12(clip), IsPlanar(clip), IsInterleaved(clip)
* Loads of documentation updates.

* Fixed cache hints a bit up.
* Hopefully fixed jumping frame bugs in temporalsoften.
* Fixed crashed in temporalsoften on some setups.
* Fixed I420 / YV12 mismatch in Interleave.
* Fixed problems with implicit last giving problem with multiple filter instances of ScriptClip/ConditionalFilter.
* Many ImageReader/Writer fixes and updates.
* Fixed bug when height > 512 in RGB -> YV12 conversion.
* AviSynth now mimics VDubs way of handling dropped frames to avoid problems with buggy codecs.
* Trim now returns (x-1) frames as supposed.
* Fixed stereo setting in BlankClip
* Fixed float point exceptions being thrown in some applications, based on the CPU register settings. (Especially Delphi-based apps)

* Added MMX RGB24->YUY2 conversion.
* Minor changes to existing RGB32 -> YUY2 MMX.
* Minor speedup to ISSE limiter.
* Added SoftWire dynamic compiled horizontal resizer. Approximately 10-15% faster - maybe even more on P4.

* AviSynth will now attempt to deallocate framebuffers, if memory usage is 25% above default values or SetMemoryMax().
* Improved rounding precision in ISSE YV12 <-> YUY2 conversions.
* Improved chroma upsampling quality in planar YV12 -> YUY2.
* Better chroma alignment on interlaced YUY2 ->YV12.
* Slightly better precision in audio conversion.
* ApplyRange now checks if size and colorspace are the same.

jorel 05-31-2003 05:43 PM

thank you very much sh0dan


kwag 05-31-2003 05:57 PM

Beautiful work sh0dan :D
Now, it's play time :mrgreen:


sh0dan 05-31-2003 06:13 PM

It is similar to the RC4 (May 21st) that was posted, as this version seems quite stable.

Happy encoding!

ozjeff99 05-31-2003 10:14 PM

Thanks for honouring us here shOdan. It is incredible work you do for our community.

Cheers mate

telemike 06-03-2003 08:26 AM

Do I unistall version 2.08 before installing 2.52?

Jellygoose 06-03-2003 09:11 AM

Yes definetely!

WarpEnterprises 06-03-2003 05:23 PM

Why should you? There is only one DLL which is overwritten anyway.

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