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MrTibs 06-19-2003 10:09 AM

Can Avisynth chain scripts?
The idea is to run part of the script on different computers...

Computer 1:

Computer 2:
Avisource (computer1.avs)

Computer 3:

Computer 4: - TMPG encoder

kwag 06-19-2003 10:15 AM

We would first need to be able to Frameserve via TCP/IP, which I believe it currently doesn't work.


Dialhot 06-19-2003 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by kwag
We would first need to be able to Frameserve via TCP/IP, which I believe it currently doesn't work.


Even with videolan ?

By the way, I really don't understand what is the final purpose : to gain compression time ?

sh0dan 06-19-2003 03:17 PM

Even in theory, there wouldn't be much gained, unless you are talk some serious processing time.

A Vdub-like filtering method is a bit more likely to be able to work distributed (since it is fairly linear), put passing along uncompressed videoframes back and forth between computers would most likely kill anything gained from it.

kwag 06-19-2003 03:28 PM

Yeah, unless the network was fiberoptics or at least a GIGABit network :?


audi2honda 06-19-2003 03:40 PM

I tried to do this on a 100baseT network. I was accessing the Vobs and frameserving over my network to my local PC, because my laptop has lots of CPU power, but all my HD space was on the fileserver.

It took freakin forever to encode because even at 100Mbp/s it couldn't keep up.

Look under the couch for some pennies and upgrade your machine. Much easier and simplier then trying to design a distributed system just to encode KVCD.

vhelp 06-19-2003 06:28 PM

@ MrTibs..

As long as TIME is not a factor, then this or any other method of "chaining"
would work. But, this would definately tie up your pcs some what.. and
especally over a network. I use a 100Tbase but even at the rate, it's
still slow when encoding over a network. As long as you have ONE
item on the chain during your encoding, you are looking at a slow-down.
Move EVERYTHING to one drive, and your encoding speed should not
be effected. But, don't get discuraged w/ your thoughts on this.

Your example seems to indicate this script pattern/flow (assuming networked
computers) Mind you, this is assuming you are initating from a MAIN pc..
and that the MAIN pc. You start your first .AVS source on your MAIN pc,
then, wherever TMPG is, you start that, and it will "milk" all the scripts
into a final encode. But, break/stop anyone of those .AVS scripts, and
TMPG will either "freeze" or continue encodng "blackness" or whatever.
Just remember that your MAIN (or 1st) PC that starts the kickoff of the
.AVS script (frameserver) could be any PC in the chain, but you can't
start the process, say at CMP2 for instance. You have to start it at
CMP1, followed by CMP2, and last CMP3 --> TMPG. TMPG can be running on
any one of those PC's. That's why you note how I put the process in the
sort order below, because starting CMP2 wont work.. cause CMP1 doesn't
yet exhist, let along CMP3, and worse, TMPG!! Also note that colorspace
may be effected by this "chaining" cause you are "filtering" through
all those frameservers (but I could be wrong.. experiment to be sure)

CMP1(AVS["cmp1.avs"]) -> CMP2(AVS["cmp2.avs"]) -> CMP3(AVS["cmp3.avs"])--> TMPG

Computer 1:



-- cmp1. "CMP1.AVS" --

Notes.. We always start from this script first.. "CMP1.AVS" whichever it's on.

Computer 2:

Avisource (cmp1.avs)

-- cmp2. "CMP2.AVS" --

Notes.. Computer 2 opens up Computer 1's .AVS script "CMP1.AVS"

Computer 3:


-- cmp3. "CMP3.AVS" --

Notes.. Computer 3 will open up Computer 2's .AVS script "CMP2.AVS"

Encoder: TMPG("CMP3.AVS")
Notes.. finally, TMPG (any computer) will open up .AVS script "CMP3.AVS"

Main Notes:
* User always starts off w/ FIRST script ie, "CMP1.AVS" no mater which that script is on.
...Also, any of the .AVS (or .VDR) scripts can be on any computer
* The actual video files ie, .AVI or .D2V can be on any computer
* The encoder can also be on any computer

Special Note..
Remeber, that the more computers you have "networked", the slower the
final encoding will be.. no matter which computer has the scripts and
video files etc. They are all hooked up to each other, and as soon as
ONE item is linked on another computer, there goes your speed.

Ok, I believe that this should work. Only way to know, is to have
3 computers, and try it !!

Good luck.

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