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sh0dan 11-11-2003 02:10 PM

AviSynth 2.5.3 Released
Hi folks!

AviSynth 2.5.3 has finally been released!

This is a major stability and feature release compared to AviSynth 2.52. Many bugs has been fixed, and DirectShow support has been seriously upgraded.

As always the new Release can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

Complete changelist:


* Added audio support to DirectShowSource.
* Added seeking support to DirectShowSource.
* Added .GRF file loading to load filter graphs from GraphEdit. Be sure there is an open pin, to which AviSynth is able to connect, otherwise expect "the filter graph won't talk to me".
* Added optional coring=true/false to Levels and Tweak. both true by default, as previously.
* Added Histogram(mode ="levels") and Histogram(mode = "color") which displays levels histogram and YUV color placement.
* AviSynth now properly converts to and from 24bit audio. WAV-files exported from vdub are compatible with at least WinAmp and CoolEdit.
* German documentation.
* Added DV type 1 video input, using AviSource(). Video only!
* DirectShowSource() is now capable of properly opening audio with more than 2 channels. Tested with AC3Filter.
* DirectShowSource() now accepts and properly decodes float-precision samples. Tested with AC3Filter.
* Added checks for samplerate and framerate in Splice.
* SwapUV(), UToY(), VToY() and YToUV() now also works in YUY2 mode.
* Added C-style plugin support (still in testing) to allow plugin writers to use other compilers than MSVC.
* Added Invert(), ShowAlpha().
* Added default parameters to ColorBars.
* Extensive updates of German documentation.
* DirectShowSource capable of opening audio only. WAV/AC3/MP3 can be opened using DirectshowSource.
* Added experimental "align=true/false" to crop - this will realign frames if they aren't already. Alignement is 16 for SSE2 machines, 8 for others.
* Added "Overall PSNR for Compare()" - thanks to temporance.
* ResampleAudio now accepts any number of channels.
* Added "after_frame=true/false" option to FrameEvaluate. This determines if the script should be evaluated before (default operation) or after the frame has been fetched from the filters above.


* Fixed memory leak in Plugin name export.
* Incorporated file lock fix in AviSource by WarpEnterprises.
* Minor fixes to field information in Info().
* Fixed occational hangs in DirectShowSource.
* Fixed crashbug in Compare, when logfile was specified.
* Fixed overflow in ResampleAudio (Thanks to IanB!). [Bug 770853].
* Fixed MergeChannels broken with more than 2 channels.
* Made adjustments for longer sample support in ResampleAudio.
* Fixed crash in ResampleAudio, if no audio was present.
* Fixed crash in MonoToStereo().
* Fixed: Normalize(show = true) displaying invalid value, and added a dB amplification indication.
* Fixed minor issues in audio routines with very long samples.
* Fixed wrong colors in ShowSMPTE YV12 mode.
* Corrected several performance problems in Limiter, YUY2 mode (thanks again ARDA!).
* Fixed YUY2 FlipHorizontal giving garbage/crashing.
* GeneralConvolution now properly processes 5x5 matrices. Thanks IanB? for the patch.
* Fixed minor stuff in TemporalSoften.
* (Hopefully) fixed precision in PointResize.
* ConvertBackToYUY2 now throws an error if non-RGB is delivered.
* Fixed occational crashbug in conditional Plane stats.


* Added heavily optimized memory copy mode, that will be used in some blits.
* Conditional unroll of fetch/unpack loop in dynamic compiled resizer. Now only unrolls if 1) Athlon 2) Source width < 512.


* Further clarification in Info() regarding field information.
* Minor changes to Limiter code (block prefetch).
* ApplyRange now accepts startframe = stopframe. This will only process the specified frame.
* ApplyRange now supports audio and processes it to the end of stopframe.
* Reenabled function name export for VDubMod syntax highlighting - I'm not sure if it had much effect on stability.
* Corrected ParseMultiplication so it parses from left to right.
* The default luma range in Limiter is corrected to 16-235 (it was 16-236).
* Temporarily disabled plugin function export for VDubMod. I'm suspecting this of the "crash+disappear" of VdubMod.
* Removed HSIAdjust().
* Removed ffvfw from installation.
* ShowSMPTE does no longer require fps parameter - only if the current fps cannot be used.
* Made thread-safety changes to frame reference counting.
* Exposed internal cache filter for plugins to use. Use it after an Invoke to cache frames.

kwag 11-11-2003 03:09 PM

Thanks sh0dan


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