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digitalvideo 08-29-2002 12:13 PM

Problem with pixelview capture card
i am having a big problem with the pixelview play tv pro card with fm radoi when ever i capture under windows 98se in vdub i can only use 352x240 and when i capture at that res i get loads of dropped frames i use picvideo at rgb24 and cant use huffy it is not displayed as a capture codecif i use the default software i can capture a 640x480 and use the audio in on the card but with other software i have to use the sound card which results in 0% av sync verry horrible if you can configure the btwincap driver for the pixelview play tv pro please send it to me or tell me if i should ditch it all together and get the wintv go card

kwag 08-29-2002 12:20 PM

Check here:
See if the driver supports your card.


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