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andybno1 09-01-2002 06:34 PM

Best video Capture Program?
whats a good capture program to use when capturing?


kwag 09-01-2002 09:20 PM

Re: Best Capture Program??

Originally Posted by andybno1
whats a good capture program to use when capturing?


VirtualDub Sync.


andybno1 09-02-2002 05:06 AM

cheers kwag

el_mero_zooter 09-06-2002 08:47 AM

i like avi_io; comes in handy for folks running fat32 harddrives as it capps segmented.

I've had decent results with the ATI MMC 7.7 when doing t.v. cappz


rendalunit 09-06-2002 04:33 PM

hey zooter,

you can cap segmented avi files with VDub too!

under capture tab> check enable multisegment capture and autoincrement filename after capture, click capture drives> add spill drive- set mb and path

After capture is done, you can append each capure.0x.avi and frameserve to TMPGenc. I usually capture to my ntfs because it's higher capacity.

well just wanted to let you know it's possible with Virtual Dub 1.4.10


TKS 09-06-2002 04:44 PM

Virtual Dub is prolly the best, but i dont have that amount of space, so i think the next best thing is PowerVcr II.. Really good Mpeg2 encoding..


el_mero_zooter 09-10-2002 02:37 PM

i never did get vdub to spill over properly so i bought avi_io, i liked that i could cap segmented to the same drive, back in the old win98 days.
im using ntfs now so its all good...


Lula1 09-24-2002 07:51 AM


Ren and zoot :

If I use the ntfs system, I understand I will overcome the 4GB file size limit of FAT32.
As I will need to capture a 40 min. Mini-DV at 720x480, it will yield something like an 8 or 9 GB file.
My slave hard drive ( 80 GB ) is formated as FAT32.
It is only for handling video capture, encoding and so on.
Anyway to turn it into NTFS , without loosing data already stored ?

Thank´s for your help.

And, BTW, I own a Pinnacle Studio DV firewire capture card, and I am using Pinnacle´s Studio Version 7 software for capturing. Am I loosing something for not using Virtual Dub ?

racer 09-24-2002 12:30 PM


NTFS can have files in excess of 2 terabytes. It is very easy to convert to NTFS and you do not need to format prior to converting. The issue is what os you are using. NTFS is only available with NT or XP. Win98 uses FAT32 and will not allow you to format/convert to NTFS. So, if you have XP, not a problem. Hope this helps! :lol:


Lula1 09-24-2002 01:09 PM

My master hard disk uses Windows 2000 and is formatted as NTFS.
My slave hard disk was bought and installed sometime after that.
It is a Western Digital 80 GB ( and is FAT32 set ).
How can I change this ?

About capturing with Pinnacle Studio 7 x VirtualDub , anyone ?

Thank's for the help.

rendalunit 09-24-2002 01:34 PM

I've never tried Pinnacle Studio 7 before but I can tell you that Virtual Dub is awesome and free!

I have almost the same setup as you- master hd 80gb Maxtor with win2k / slave 30gb Western Digital with win98. It's dual boot so that I can use the WD hd for games. I don't see anyway to convert the fat32 drive to ntfs without reformatting though 8O

racer 09-24-2002 03:11 PM


Go to disk management under the administrative controls
(or under control panel). You will be able to select the drive and then select convert to ntfs. Remember though, once you convert to ntfs you cannot go back to FAT32 unless you reformat the drive. Good Luck! 8)


rendalunit 09-24-2002 03:34 PM

You're right racer, there's a prog called convert.exe that is in the winnt/system32 folder that will convert to ntfs without formatting.


dagger 09-25-2002 03:54 PM

Any comments of MovieXone for a capture (free at that) application?

Currently using Ulead videostudio 5.5

Lula1 09-25-2002 05:15 PM

Hi ,

Racer : the option you mentioned is disabled on my computer.
Would that have to do with Western Digital's "Datalife Tools" software, that comes with the HD. I did not use the traditional Fdisk and Format for preparing my HD. Just followed Western Digital's instructions.

Rendalunit : yes convert.exe is on the folder you mentioned. But as the way described by Racer is Disabled, I am afraid of going ahead. I have 44 GB of captured, and encoded video on that drive.

Should I write to Western Digital about this ? What do you guys advise ?

Thank's again.

Lula1 09-25-2002 09:10 PM

I have taken my chance, with apparent success.

I used convert.exe .

Here is the link from Microsoft :;en-us;Q214579

Surprisingly, it took something like 1 minute to do the job.

Now I have NTFS file system which overcomes the 4GB file size limitation.

Thank you guys for the valuable information.

BTW : seems that the data I already had stored on my hard disk was not affected in any way.

racer 09-29-2002 09:51 AM


Sorry I am getting back to you so late. Glad to hear that is worked well for you. Happy Trails! 8)


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