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Bud 11-10-2004 05:48 PM

DVRs: Panasonic DMR DVD recorders
Time for me to get a little more high-tech then I have been. Three years KWAG recommended a DVD Recorder, the Panasonic EM20, at that time and for the past two and half years it has worked very well. Now I am looking to upgrade. What I would like is one that has the HD installed, be able to create a DVD from stored files on either a DVD- or DVD+ type disk. Have good editing features, (In order to edit out commercials etc. prior to burning). I’ve read about the E85/E55 the new DMRE100. Looked at some Sony’s. I also have a WINPVR 250 installed on one system, but at times I would like to directly to DVD. Capture will be from a Satellite system. All recommendations are welcome.


kwag 11-11-2004 10:17 PM

Hi Bud,

I have the DMR-E80, and I'm very happy with it :)
It has an 80MB hard drive and the DVD-RAM. So I can record to HDD and then transfer to DVD-RAM.
I wish it did have Ethernet, because that way, I could just transfer my recordings via the net to my PC.
Now, I have to copy the recordings to my DVD-RAM, and then take them to the PC.
I think the way things are going, and prices on PCs and hardware are going down, I would just use the PVR and set up a system.
You could build yourself a MythTV (KnopMyth) system (Linux based) and use your PVR-250.
However, the time base correctors and hardware encoder on the Panasonic DMRs are far better than the WinTV PVR.
I'm not sure about future models of Panasonic recorders, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they show up with a model that has some kind of network connectivity :)


Bud 11-12-2004 12:59 AM

Aloha Kwag..

Thanks for your reponse. I was lookin into the E80, but may wait, I also found this new Panasonic on their Web Site that sounds very interesting. Along the lines you were talking about in the way of Ethernet. They also have some new models I will look inot. Below is some comments on the DMR 500 Panasonic, Thanks again and will keep you posted on which way I go.

Find and Record Your Favorite Programs Easily with TV Guide On Screen™1 Your hectic schedule isn't always compatible with TV program schedules, so being able to quickly locate your favorite shows and record them for later viewing is important. The TV Guide On Screen™ Electronic Program Guide lets you easily find your favorite programs and set up your DVD recorder to record them unattended. Explore program listings up to 8 days in advance, searching by genre or keyword to help narrow down your choices. Once you've found what you want in the listings, simply select the program and your DVD recorder will automatically begin recording at the preset time.

View Recorded Video and Pictures Over Your Home Network
Typically, if you record a show on your hard disk recorder in the living room, then the living room is where you'll have to watch it later. There's no portability. The DMR-E500HS does away with that inconvenience by utilizing your home network. Connect multiple DMR-E500HS DVD recorders together via their Ethernet connections and serve up recorded video and JPEG images to different decks throughout your home. If you get sleepy while watching a show you previously recorded in your living room, head into your bedroom for the rest of the show; the DMR-E500HS in your living room can send its hard disk content to the deck in your bedroom. You can even stream MPEG4 videos and JPEG still images from the DMR-E500HS hard disk to your PC for viewing2.

kwag 11-12-2004 01:08 AM

Thanks Bud :D
Time to sell my E-80 ;)


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