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nicksteel 11-07-2005 06:34 AM

Recording with PVR-250, HDTV Wonder into MCE
Installed PVR-250 with Hauppage MCE software. Everything went ok, but records only to .dvr-ms format.

Question: Can you control the output format and bitrate when using MCE?
If not, is there some other software that will allow this. (WinTV doesn't install on MCE).

Installed the HDTV Wonder. Apparently installed. During channel setup, it recognized the PVR-250 and a digital tuner and stated that the digital tuner settings would be done later. Help screens state that you have to use the same input (cable, antenna, etc) to both cards. I have cable to PVR-250, antenna to HDTV Wonder.

Questions: How do I set up the digital card? How do I use cable for PVR-250 and antenna for HDTV Wonder?

Also, during display setup, I specify flat screen(LCD) and connection type. When I return to display setup, it still shows default values, not my new ones. The picture quality is marginal on full screen (Gateway 17").

Beginning to not like MCE all that much, especially if I cannot control the quality of PVR-250 or HDTV Wonder recording.

:roll: Any advice would be appreciate!

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