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bigggt 03-17-2006 07:35 PM

Recording Video: Best capturing software?
Hi guys

I finally got a new computer ,i got a hp m7170n which has a tv tuner card (Video Card ATI Radeon X300 SE )

I have been reading around for the past few days and am now more confused then ever.

It has media center and records to dvr-ms files which is ok because i have my xbox360 networked and it is hooked up to my 42 inch lcd projection tv so i can watch the PC through the tv

Anyway is there any other kind of capturing software i can use with this card and media center to get better format than dvr-ms,i assumed i would have ATI software for capturing but i don't see it anywhere.

on a side note ,i got this computer to convert movies and it is great,it used to take 8 hours and know i can do it in less then an hour

I have no idea what i am doing with capturing so if these questions are stupid then i apologize in advance :D

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