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wpeter01 10-26-2002 06:09 AM

Recording Video: CDRDAO inactive in VCDeasy

I have recently updated from WIN98SE to WIN2k and I am facing now a problem with VCDeasy. When I start the program I can see at the status line No ASPI driver and CDRDAO inactive. The consequence from this is that I can not activate the overburning option which I have always used. I remember I used a trick in WIN98SE to install a imaginary ADAPTEC controller to get the appropriate ASPI DLL. But this did not work under WIN2K. Any suggestions or help would be great even my thread does not really belong to this forum.



rendalunit 10-26-2002 08:31 AM

You can try downloading ForceAspi (available at vcdhelp) and run INSTASPI. Then in vcdeasy settings>cdrdao Force Driver> select the driver for your burner- I've always used generic mmc

wpeter01 10-26-2002 12:21 PM

I tried it and it worked. Thanks.

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