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Pepehdes 11-01-2002 02:01 PM

Converting videos Capture to KVCD?
Hello everybody, Kwag or anybody please help.

I capture and then convert to KVCD 120 or 180 Min template

Card: ATI AIW 128 PRO
Software: MMC 7.1
Source: S-VIDEO Satellite receiver
Resolution: 352 x 240
Bitrate: 2.30 Mbps
Format: MPEG 1
Framerate: 29.97
P Frames in Group: 4
B Frames in Group: 2
Motion search: 100%
Burning Soft: Nero Latest (Non Compliant VCD Option)

Captures are pretty good, no frames dropped.
But I notice that after playing the converted capture in my Stand Alone (Apex AD-600A) or PC the movie is kind of jumpy (Jumps from frame to frame)

Should I change something in the template settings, like framerate, or what do you recommend ? Should I check some of the option there, like invert telecine or any of those ?

Thanks in advance for your help guys.

kwag 11-01-2002 02:05 PM

Hi Pepe,

I believe your Apex must play VCD's encoded at 29.97.fps. Not at 23.976, which is what all KVCD templates are set to encode. You must change the frame rate on the KVCD template you are using to 29.97fps before encoding. Give that a try.


Pepehdes 11-01-2002 04:58 PM

Captures 2 KVCD
Saludos Kwag

Thanks for your reply.

Lo que pasa es que si cambio el framerate a 29.97 el archivo va a quedar muy grande, y no voy a poder meter toda una pelicula en un CDR 80.

Osea que lo estoy haciendo bien, el del problema es mi Apex ?

Entonces no hay que cambiar nada en TMPGEnc para convertir captures de 29.97 a 23.976 con tus templates ?


kwag 11-01-2002 05:53 PM

Hi Pepe,

I'll switch to english here, as I only answer in spanish on the KVCD spanish forum. :wink:

The problem is really the Apex models. I know that they all play correctly at 29.97fps, but only some models play at 23.976. What you might want to try is encoding with the KVCD LBR as MPEG-2, at 23.976fps with 3:2 pull down. I believe the Apex models do like that. So then you'll be able to play your video smoothly. If you're doing your captures at standard 29.97fps, and your original captures are FILM, then you must Inverse Telecine your material in order to encode at 23.976.


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