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Pnumonic 05-27-2002 03:29 AM

Audio problems after editing out commercials?

when i have encoded a capture then edited all the commercials out im left with normally 7 or 8 varying sized mpeg files, if they are encoded as non standard as per the normal template where every joined section is there is a BEEP then continues to play again till then next join.

If i encode the avi's with the template changed to automatic or VBR when i come to merge them with MPG Tools the join is flawless, but when i come to burn it in nero it tells me they are non standard as normal but cannot even fit a 350MB and a 370MB files onto a single 800MB disk it shoots up to about 840MB on the scale bar at the bottom


file1-350MB + file2-370MB encoded as non standard (The standard template and joined with mpg tools as non standard) burns no problem in nero but has beeping on every join.

file1-350MB + file2-370MB encoded as Automatic or VBR (Then joined as auto or VBR in mpg tools) Is great no beeping at all, flawless joins but wont fit onto a single 800MB disk

Could anyone give me some much needed assistance here please.

Pnumonic 05-27-2002 04:55 AM

:lol: sorted :lol:

After a very long weekend of starring at the pc with dispair, i get up monday morning come straight here for help then thought of something simple .... apologies if this is listed somewhere it just seems as though i have trawled everywhere with no luck.

Encode the captures with the template set at SYSTEM-VBR instead of non standard then join all the seperate mpg files. Demux them and then multiplex then with it set to non standard ... hey presto best of both worlds no poppin wheezin farting noises on the joins and back to fitting on the cd again .... me feels a DUMB ASS :P

kwag 05-27-2002 06:56 AM

Ah! don't feel that way, I've done that too! :lol:


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