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noize 02-11-2003 06:44 AM

Recording Video: Direct DVD editing ?
does anybody knows about a program or plugin that can directly edit from a dvd source?

i have a large archive of raw footage on mini-dv tapes, and i would like to reverse them all on dvd to preserve quality and have them all accessible in a simpler way.

the problem is that i need to edit this footage, and so i need a program (or plugin) that would allow me to do the job without reversing the dvd on hard-disk..

the only way i found so far is using dvd2avi --> vfapi reader --> adobe premiere.. but the vfapi .avi file is difficult to edit (the motion is not smooth, obviously; and the sound track is separated etcetera..)

does it exist a program that can solve my problem?

thank you very much


kwag 02-11-2003 12:59 PM

I believe you need a program to edit DV. Not MPEG-2. Have you tried Pinnacle Edition DV :?:


noize 02-11-2003 01:29 PM

Hello Kwag

actually, i can edit my DV footage in Premiere, with no problems at all. the fact is i'd like to get rid of of the dv-tapes and have my footage on dvd (faster accessibility, longer lifetime, reduced storage size, etc.)

then in an editing software, directly access the vobs and treat 'em exactly as a dv source. without having to convert the parts i need to dv-avi (or whatever my editing software likes) and then edit them as i'm used to..
this would be a time consuming procedure and would mean a loss in quality (due to decoding, re-encoding) that i'd like to avoid.

i don't know, maybe they still have to invent such a piece of software :?

thanks anyway, any idea is welcome


el_mero_zooter 02-11-2003 02:13 PM

have u checked out some of the dv apps like the ones that follow..

noize 02-11-2003 03:52 PM

wow! thanks for the links, i'll check 'em out! :D

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