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TKS 04-13-2003 11:34 PM

Recording Video: get a black line on the left hand side of the image ?
Hi I was wondering if someone here could help me do something I hear is relatively simple..

I have an ATI TV wonder PCI card and want to install the btwincap drivers on my Win2k/1.4 AMD system.
I have successfully installed them before and have not lost a major amount of frames with Vdub. Most of the time i dont use Vdub because i dont have the spavce that Huffy requires for long shows or what not. But when i went back to use Vdub the other day i found that i couldnt capture anything at all without dropping hundreds and hundreds of frames. I searched all over for advice.. I destroyed all tasks running... I defraged the hard drive (which btw is 7200 rpm) I checked for virues's of any kind.. looked for unknown processes and such but nothing to my avail.
So i got the newest drivers from btwincap and installed them...and they did the same thing.. Heck in fact i reinstalled win2k too :) I dont think ram is a major factor with capturing at 352x480.. i have 512 megs of ram.
But what i have noticed is that when capturing in Vdub i get a black line on the left hand side of the image that is previewing...

Any help would be great in trying to figure out why id be dropping so many frames.. Could it be the drivers are not properly installed? I managed to get them working before.. but just not now :\


kwag 04-14-2003 12:15 AM

You are not previewing while capturing, are you? If you are, disable preview while capturing.


TKS 04-14-2003 05:56 AM

Ive tried that too.. unfortunately i still drop frames.... thanks though


el_mero_zooter 04-14-2003 12:58 PM

k, so you've defragged , turned off most services, turned off antivirus appz, and it still dropz eh? Do you have a separate hard drive that you capture to i.e. D:\ Video ? or is it only one drive alongside the OS ?
Is it Win2K Service Pack 2 ?

Now, the video drivers are uptodateright? Hmm, what type of sound card do you have? It's not onboard audio is it?

I have the same amd 1700 (1.4) and use creative and pinnacle on that box, with an Elite mobo, sis chipset, without any probs, on win98 and winxp and 256mb,,,but use a separate hard drive to cap.

What chipset and motherboard do you have?
Have you updated the motherboard drivers by chance?


TKS 04-14-2003 09:15 PM

Yeah i have all the latest drivers for my motherboard/soundcard/direct x 9.0 and what not.. Ummm.. i have a soundlbaster live..

Maybe i should look into winservice pack 2? where would i get that?

I have noticed something odd though.. and this may help, but i cannot figure it out though.. I can capture straight to divx or xvid and lose hardly any frames at all.. This makes me think its some sorta HD probs, but i could be wrong.. im wondering what could be in the way of the flow of data getting to the HD... See what preturbs me the most is that these same drivers work perfectly in WINDVD or POwerVCr with no probs at all...

Ill try saving to my 8 gig D: drive and see how that goes.. Thanks... :)


el_mero_zooter 04-15-2003 09:19 AM

there have been some issues somewhat recently concerning soundblaster/creative & ati (and some Via chipsets too,) for drivers etc...
(something about the clock being off +- 2% or so).
Win2K service pack may help - i'd stay away from service pack 3 though. some issues with it (as far as video, codecs, wmp etc, that i recall).

I'd try to update the software, as well as the drivers for your soundblaster live. If the audio isnt keeping up too well; it too, can cause dropped frames. Do you have proper cooling for your rig?

Try capturing with Avi_Io and monitor your dropped frames.
Did you have to install or did you- any sort of video wrappers?

If your 8gb drive works and there are no dropped frames then you're okay. If not, you could try moving your 8g hd to the secondary channel as master (so that you aren't reading/writing on the same ribbon even if it is to a separate drive.) Have you tweaked your BIOS settings for optimal performance as well?


TKS 04-30-2003 05:02 PM

Yer never goin to guess what happened to me.. It works finally! I mean i didnt anything except reinstall WINDVR and after I did that.. everything worked.. I think you might have been right about the sound being the issue.. Only though.. i did have the latest drivers. Before i would always have a problem with these BTwincap drivers and my ATI TV wonder. But from what i can guess at... its the fact that the sound wasnt in sync with the video being played.. hence the dropped frames... But it works none the less :)

thanks again


jorel 05-01-2003 03:24 AM

i have a ati all in wonder(very old)
got results with 2 hds,capturing with vdub.
this turn the system soft !

in the first hd are the programs and system(of course)
and in the second hd is the destination of the capture.
less lost frames!
one time for test i capture from tv a complete movie(30Gb) 8O
and convert to vcd....not too bad!

el_mero_zooter 05-01-2003 09:33 AM

Re: well..

Originally Posted by TKS
I think you might have been right about the sound being the issue.. Only though.. i did have the latest drivers

with creative and with ati's drivers--just cuz they're the latest doesnt necessarily mean that they are Better, the best, or that they'll work with your system, or they are the best combination.
I thought i'd try winxp for my video setup...after three days, it didnt work well and upgraded to win2k...yes, even with all the Latests drivers from creative and from ati. Ended up using the drivers/software from the original cd's that shipped with the cards. except for directx and mmc 7.7. and it's all kvcd-Approved now,,,, off-the-hook, as the kidz say these dayz.. 8O

Go figure.
Glad to hear it's workin' for the most part.


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