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dominic01 07-08-2003 09:20 AM

Direct capture to KVCD MPEG1?
Hello KVCD Gurus,

First is it possible to directly capture to KVCD format? Today I tried something like changing resolution and bitrate but my DVD player doesnt play. Has anyone tried this?

I am using Leadtek tv2000XP deluxe card and I can capture directly to MPEG1 and MPEG2.

Could you please tell me what parameters I should change to capture directly to KVCD format.


kwag 07-08-2003 11:04 AM

Hi Dominic,

Only if your card lets you change these parameters:


dominic01 07-08-2003 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by kwag
Hi Dominic,

Only if your card lets you change these parameters:


I have the above options available for changing parameters. Could you please help me what I can change. Sorry I dont have any idea what these are.
I took these options from Ulead Video Studio SE DVD.

Regards and Thank You


kwag 07-08-2003 01:55 PM

Sorry Dominic,

But I don't think that card supports custom matrixes :?
And changing the GOP only is really not going to help.


password 02-19-2004 05:01 AM

the link does not work but does ati all in wonder 8500dv or using windvr3 work ? thanx in advance

incredible 02-19-2004 05:38 AM

As I know Leadtek do ship their cards with an software mpeg encoder!

That means already a worse quality cause of bad and therefore fast motion estimation algorythms are used. Every more compression setting you add, the even more worse the image later gets!

Same issue when using WinDVR and PowerVCR softwares.
The ONLY fast mpeg capture software I know which does support a good quality on HIGH avg Bitrates like at 8000-10000kbit is MCE and its capture engine. But also there you need a very fast CPU that realtime capturing/encoding using 704x576 i.e. is possible.

I would highly recommend in your case to swtch to picVideo mjpeg codec using a quality index of 19 and fieldbased recording. Its fast and lets you be able to capture 704x576(480) at a moderate speed/CPU power index.
Best but large! filesizes gives you the HuffYUV codec, its free and lossless.

The more your source is already compressed the more difficult is to obtain a well encoded kvcd spec. based final stream.


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