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bapski 07-29-2002 12:21 PM

captured clips won't open in Dazzle (dvc2)
ive captured video from vhs and as i was about to produce it moviestar either does nothing or just crashes....

i get this error details..

modname: dgf.dll

offset: 000059be

before this error i was able to capture from vhs and produced it using moviestar..even made videocd...

i installed powerdvd just before this problem arose.. but already uninstalled it and still get the same errors..also uninstalled and reinstalled moviestar but i still get the same errors..

need help spawn, tateu, kwag and the rest of the dvc2 gurus out there

FiniteMan! 08-03-2002 05:02 PM

I'll take a shot at that. It sounds like a DLL error. Mybe when you installed powerdvd it overwrote the DLL with a version that doesn't support the functions moviestar requires...

You uninstalled and reinstalled moviestar, and that would fix it if the required DLL was originally supplied by moviestar's installation. That means that required DLL was likely already present when moviestar was installed.

Try re-running the directx 8.1 install and see if that doesn't fix it.

try looking up dgf.dll in search engines. sometimes they will pull a link that will tell you where the file was installed from.

bapski 08-15-2002 05:26 AM

putting to rest..
i would like to thank everybody who was kind enough to extend their thoughts about my problem with ms 4.25 but sad to say all of your ideas did not work....

i had to reinstall my OS.. and well, as i have expected ms 4.2 worked fine..although ive only tested less than a minute of capturing .. but was able to produce it.. actually saw the dialog box.. obviously the downside was having to lose all the effort i turned in to make my system stable as i have to rebuild it again.. starting from today...

i just hope things will turn out for the better...

again my heartfelt thanks

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