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BoxOfSnoo 08-18-2002 10:56 AM

ATI TV Wonder: Record video as VCR format or MPEG?
What is the above card like, lately? I know the earlier ones recorded to a proprietary format, but it seems like this one does MPEG-2. Whether it's hardware or not, I can't tell from the box.

The reviews I've seen either talk about the old VCR-1 format or about how lousy the software is. I personally don't care because I'd use VirtualDub or VirtualVCR anyways.

Is this card any improvement over my AimsLab VHX 98?

el_mero_zooter 08-22-2002 01:33 PM

a colleague of mine has one,,he says its pretty good. He somehow rigged it to use the MMC (MultiMedia Center 7.7) to capture straight to mpg2 full rez too.
Check out the forums over at (or and I believe they have forums for the VE and stuff.


TKS 08-23-2002 08:42 PM

The ATI has crap for software.. try using PowerVcr II with it.. THe original MMC (whatever version) to get it to cap in full SVCD rez you have to do all these things and tricks to the registry.. Its just not worth the time



BoxOfSnoo 08-24-2002 12:01 PM

I get the same response from most reviews I've read. (What's MMC, BTW?) It is very attractive to see a MPEG-2 card easily accessible at a nice price though...

I'll keep my ear to the ground. If you hear any more, or if someone posts in the capture card lists at VCDHelp, I'd appreciate it.

el_mero_zooter 08-26-2002 01:13 PM

from my experience the latest MMC (multi media center) 7.7 rockz. I can capp full rez svcd, full rez dvd, with no dropped frames. 7.7 introduced an 48khz audio support, and an svcd setting (which you could get before with stinky's tool-took two secs to rigg the registry). Had some stupid minor issues with the install but other than that its been great. The software is decent, the drivers are where its getz buggy (having to add wrappers n stuff). PowerVCr worked excellent for me in the win98 days, but not with win2k. WinVCR works well. so does winCoder.
With ATI though,--it takes a while and there are processes to follow to set up drivers, software etc. But once it works it works great.
Try looking into the Matrox line of cards, they always get good reviews.


BoxOfSnoo 09-06-2002 08:32 AM

Interesting. I've downloaded a trial of PowerVCR, and though I *could* use this with my current card, it would be cheaper to get it with the ATI card! Is the MPEG-1/2 hardware based?

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