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03-29-2005, 01:38 AM
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Get it here: http://www.shemes.com/

Changes in this release:

    * It is now possible to set the maximum amount of headers per group in the History tab of the Preferences window (Default setting 500000 headers which is about 33 hours in the busy groups.)
      NOTE! Change the above setting before updating your groups if you want more retention!
    * Switching a download between servers from the Batch tab works again;
    * No more endless 'download aborted' messages after removing an item from the batch which was already downloading;
    * Repaired and enabled the NZB en BNS file association routines;
    * It is no longer possible to start multiple instances of GrabIt;
    * Fixed the large font overlapping issue;
    * The status of the Subscribed Groups view (hidden or not) is now saved between sessions;
    * Information from groups that haven't been used / updated for a long time will be purged (period can be altered in preferences screen);
    * A GrabIt Search history is now kept (can be disabled from the preferences screen);
    * Grab to Folder has been added to the GrabIt Search download possibilities;
    * Fixed a bug that stopped the All Groups list from refreshing in some situations;
    * Better behavior in Wine (http://www.winehq.com/);
    * Fixed a problem where not all the visible / invisible columns in the Batch tab where remembered between GrabIt sessions;
    * GrabIt search tab remembers most settings between GrabIt sessions;
    * GrabIt search tab looks and behaves more like the Articles tab;
    * Fixed the 'Error while downloading article' followed by garbage error messages that froze the download thread.
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