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black prince 05-11-2005 11:34 PM

Call Accounting
My local phone company (Verizon) has a billing system that both frustrates
me and gets me mad :twisted: I have unlimited local and any toll call are
are added as an additional charge of 9 cents a minute. The toll numbers are
not listed and just show up as total minutes with cost. To get a detail list of
toll calls I must send $40 to Verizon. The extra toll charges were $26. :roll:
I want to track my calls in-coming and out-bound to figure out if Verizon
has double billed me for the same calls. I'm considering VOIP, but again
the only carrier for broadband in my area is Verizon and they have really
bad issues with reliability. They use DSL and were down 4 to 5 hours daily during
my trial 30 day period. I had Vonage with DSL and this was
a great combination except for Verizon. Comcast has a good reputation,
again they are not in my area. :roll: Now I'm trying to track my telephone
calls and to do this I'm looking for a good call accounting setup. Any Ideas?


black prince 05-19-2005 10:39 AM


I found iconnect PC2Phone as a cheap way to call:

But, what I really would like to find is a Smart Telephone that would
check my phone number being dialed and determine if it should be
routed to local call or use my internet phone card number for toll
or long distance. It should be programmable to insert local numbers
I want it to dial or parts of the number (i.e. 1+area code+exchange) and
all other numbers automatically go to LD. Of course toll free are dialed
directly. Then I can find the cheapest providers with the most features
(i.e. call waiting, caller id, etc.) 8). If anyone out there has put this together,
please let me know what your doing.


black prince 05-21-2005 08:00 PM


Getting very close to a good solution for saving phone costs.
Nextel's Super DKXIP programmable phones:

Their business phone has LCR (least Cost Routing). This feature
will route your phone call to the cheapest service pre-setup
by you to give the most economical call possible. This means my
local calls can be programmed to use the local unlimited serivce
of Verizon and toll or long distance are routed to my internet
phone card at 2.9 cents a minute. Obviously, when services
change, I can re-program this phone to take advantage of lower
costs. This is closer to what I want. With my internet phone service,
a log is kept of my outbound calls as a record to be download when
needed. 8) As for phone features, I found several phone companies
that provide unlimited local calling other than Verizon and they offer
caller id, call waiting, etc. included for free. They are also, cheaper
than Verizon, but I'm checking on their sound quality and customer
service. :)


Prodater64 05-22-2005 09:27 PM

Could you do a resume.
If I want a phone like that, what for my local and what for my long distance calls.

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