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kwag 09-10-2005 11:56 PM

LocustWorld Wireless Mesh
Continued from "Anything not related to video" thread.

After setting this thing up (LocustWorkd Wireless Mesh) , it really works as advertized.

Some notes:

I don't really like the idea that my node reports statistics every 30 minutes, about traffic on the wire side, and on the wireless side.
Right now, I don't mind, but if I was using this for real work on offices, etc., this might be a problem.
Still, for personal use and creating a mesh of access points on a large personal area, this is a very good solution.

I'll also be looking into "CUWiN" ( Champaigne-Urbana Community Wireless Network )
This one is based on NetBSD, and doesn't require an external web service for management.
The initial installation is more complicated, because it requires ssh access or web access to each node, for initial setup.
This, of course, is for "flash" versions, because if you use the CD-Rom ISO image, every time you reboot, you would have to reconfigure each node.
Not like the LocustWorld, which after you register each individual hardware key with, you can just boot each node from CD, and each goes to the site ( and picks up it's unique personality, and configures itself. That is indeed very cool, but I'd rather keep my configurations locally on flash on each device, instead of a remot site.
Well, that was my WIFI/Mesh adventures for today.
If anyone plays with this, or with the CUWiN distribution, please leave some feedback here, as you might save some "hair pulling" to others :lol:
When I try the CUWiN, I'll post the story on the BSD section of the forum, unless someone beats me to it ;)


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