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rds_correia 12-03-2005 09:52 AM

µTorrent - My favorite Torrent client
Hi guys,
A couple of days ago, I had to install a Torrent client on my PC but all I had was BitComet and Azureus.
While BitComet seemed to use IE's core and whined about a scripting error anytime I started it and Azureus used more than 150MB of RAM with a couple of torrents being downloaded I decided to went out to buy me a new torrent client :lol:.
And what did I find?
µTorrent and BitLord.
BitLord is a very nice torrent client with a very nice structured GUI and with almost all the stuff that you find in Azureus (which is known to be the most complete client available nowadays).
On the other hand µTorrent is a very low profile client with a miserable <200Kb binary and with <6MB of RAM used for 10 torrents downloading.
It's probably not as feature rich as Azureus/BitComet/BitLord but it's got all the stuff that I need and it's the fastest of them all.
By fastest I'm not refering to DL/UL speeds but actually refering to GUI action speed.
Just my 0.02€ on torrent clients.

kwag 12-03-2005 11:54 AM

Thanks Rui.
I'll give that client a try :cool:


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