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01-04-2006, 01:30 PM
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I remember I suggested some time ago it would be great if "we" (not me, I'm not skilled in linux, but I could test, test, test) build a KVCDinlinux distro, based in whatever core we decided best (even in BSD ), with all linux applications useful for tasks we usually do to build our KVCD/KDVD.

They are building something quite similar to that not-so-original idea of mine, here: MediainLinux.

Mediainlinux Team is proud to introduce you to Mediainlinux Live CD Version 4, our stable multimedia linux distribution based on the Knoppix live CD (version 4).
You can find on mirrors the Release Candidate 5. It's already an advanced version but in the final one (out in 2006) some software could be added or removed.
Thanks to the free and libre open source software movement this GNU/Linux Live CD is bringing to the multimedia audience of digital artists a full toolbox for creativity. The cd is entirely developed from the Debian Distribution plus external packages, ships with hundreds of free and libre open source softwares for 2D/3D Graphic, Audio and Video production and is easily customizable for every need trough a simple procedure.
Some software inside:
Video software:
Graphic software:
Audio Software:
I downloaded and tested it (it's a LiveCD but I emulated it from WXP just to take a fast sight).
I didn't find Cinelerra inside, and I read after that they removed it due to ffmpeg license or something.
Also didn't find Jahshaka... related to video just Kino and EffectTV.

But I keep finding this a great idea. Sure Linux applications are still far from windows ones, but they are developing them.
If I find the time to test it further, I'll post how it looks.
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