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heyitsme 08-04-2006 03:32 PM

Linux: Sweet old dell dimension xps r400 with a fast CPU
Ok here is the deal, i have recently acquired this pc for a mere 10 bux. I was going to use it for media server. Using it for file backup and samba for movies. Currently my desktop pc is bearing this burden, with the light show and turbines sitting over the pc makes for a very loud server. So here is what i currently know about the desktop.

Pentium 2 (dont know clock speed)
384 megs of ram
12 gig hd
toshiba dvd rom
ati rage vga adapter.

Ok so what i want to do is possible run linux or BSD, but here is the catch. I want to be able to view it remotely. I know there is setups in ubuntu for that, so that is one route i may take since i am starting to get the feel for it. But i just want to minimize anything that would degrade samba performance for streaming vids.

One other thing what would be the appox wattage being used if i had 3 hds in there. I would of course remove the dvd rom and floppy drive. I have both of those in usb if i ever had an issue.

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